How Outrageous!

“I'm shattered. Mum has left me... the bestest part of my life. She's my mum and my wife.....but I've found that my tears won't bring her back... Just one prayer..... HEAL MY MUM. My only consolation is that she made heaven... a part of me has left...” These were the exact words of my friend... Continue Reading →


You don’t know how it feels.

Sometimes we think God doesn't understand. We think He doesn't know how it feels to stay up throughout the night, unable to sleep. Or how it feels to be financially unstable and with all the bills, loans and mortgages. Or how it feels to wake up to another day filled with its own troubles.  Or... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

So I'm counting down a few hours to New Year's Day. At this point, I've decided to just thank God. He's brought me a long way from the 1st of January, 2016 till today. It's been an adventurous year. It's been full of ups and downs, it's also been full of breakthroughs. I've seen myself... Continue Reading →

The Carpenter’s Prayer

​It's Christmas Eve and I'm so excited. But in the spirit of Christmas, I remember one man - not Jesus. One man we often don't talk about, who had a large role to play in God's Grand Plan. I call him Uncle Joe. You know him as Joseph, the carpenter. I wonder what ever happened... Continue Reading →

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